the night of band

Those of you that are attending Warped Tour this year get to see the hand selected local band of each area get to play the main stage. That is if you get there early enough. If you are going to the one in San Antonio then get there early to see The Night Of. The
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Alive & Well

Alive & Well is an upbeat pop punk band from San Diego California that was founded in 2014. They are one of the many bands that have come out of the SoCal pop punk scene and have been gaining a lot of steam within the past year. The band just finished up a tour, but
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Nominee Drag Me Out

My interview with Nominee is now live on The Aging Scene Kid Podcast. You can listen to The Aging Scene Kid Podcast here. We will feature up and coming bands from anywhere. The Aging Scene Kid is an Emo and Punk blog that features music from around the world. Email me your band at

First Year Fight

Here is some more pop punk from Austin Texas on the May edition of Made in Texas.  The more I dig through the scene of Austin, the more gems like First Year Fight come up. Austin has always been known for it’s live music, but most people tend to overlook anything that is not related
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5 Year Plan

When you first listen 5 Year Plan you would be hard pressed to believe that they have only been around since November 2016. Their song writing possess a maturity of a band that has been together for years. It is rare to see a band to find their sound so soon. Here is their bio:
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MILO in the Doldrums

Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band from Northern Virginia. The band was formed in 2015 and they have been active and putting out music since. Their latest album Richard’s Glasses was released April 2017. It is definitely a step forward musically for the band. MILO and the Doldrums definitely has a punchy
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500 Miles To Memphis

If the name 500 Miles To Memphis sounds familiar you may have played their song All My Friends Are Crazy On Rock Band in the past. 500 Miles To Memphis is a country pop punk/cow-punk band from Cincinnati Ohio. The band was founded in 2003 by the lead singer Ryan Malott and have been active
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