Alive & Well

Alive & Well is an upbeat pop punk band from San Diego California that was founded in 2014. They are one of the many bands that have come out of the SoCal pop punk scene and have been gaining a lot of steam within the past year.

The band just finished up a tour, but you can still see them around the San Diego area. Alive & Well recently won the Ernie Ball PLAY Warped Tour 2017. I was able to sit down and talk with Mike and Matt about this opportunity on Episode 4 of The Aging Scene Kid Podcast when it premiers Wednesday 7/26.

Alive & Well are talented and great guys. You really need to see them when they play the San Diego Warped Tour on 8/5.

You can also check out their bandcamp page and stream the band on Spotify.

Here is the video for Addiction from Alive & Well:

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