As Time Fades

As Time Fades is an up and coming pop-punk band from Cleveland, Oh, they just released the single This Isn’t What I Paid For which is a follow up to their debut EP, Growing Season that was released in April 2018.

You will love them if you are a fan of pop-punk bands like State Champs and Between You & Me.

This Isn’t What I Paid For- As Time Fades

Here is a little more history from the band:

Hailing from the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, As Time Fades formed in 2015 as a pop-punk act influenced by modern pop punk. For two years, the band — Dan Dunlap (lead vocals/guitar), Danny Kekedy (lead guitar/vocals), Schuyler Spivey (bass), and Toby Caulk (drums) — worked towards finding their sound as they gigged around the Northeast Ohio area and recorded a pair of singles: ‘Summer for Months’ and ‘Blessing and a Curse’.

You can listen to As Time Fades on Spotify.

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