Carried Away

Carried Away are a female fronted pop punk band from Toronto, Canada that have been around since 2015. They have recently released their new single Expectations and they are planning on releasing a new album that is a follow up to their 2016 EP Intrepid some time this year.

They have an upfront and emotional sound that is a blend of punchy pop punk with a few melodic alternative riffs sprinkled in.

Here is some more information directly from the band:

Combining the catchy, upbeat sounds of early 2000s pop punk, mixed with the angrier, heavy emotions of modern day emo/ alternative, the band has created a unique sound that, although familiar and recognizable, is clearly and undoubtedly their own. Filled with raw intensity, edgy guitar riffs, thumping bass and drums, as well as catchy vocal hooks, it continues to deliver a powerful emotional impact to the audience.

You can listen to Carried Away on Spotify, bandcamp, or you can watch the video for Expectations below.

Carried Away – Expectations

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