Death Punk Records

Say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018! The new year brings new possibilities and opportunities for new music. I am closing out 2017 with my last post and with hope for the future beyond this next year.

You all know that breaking into the music industry has always been difficult regardless of the decade that you grew up in. Some say technology has caused an over saturation of choices, and makes it difficult to find something that you love out of the thousands of other bands.

With the new year coming around we need to look to the future. So look no further than Death Punk Records. They are a newly launched label that are looking to pave a new path in the industry. Here is some more information directly from Death Punk Records.

We created this label as a means to help out the talented bands we feel have been brushed aside in this decade of gimmicks and fads. To put it bluntly, we were fed up with talent taking a backseat to “Smoke in Mirrors”. The name death punk started as an inside joke between fellow label owners Trevor Thelen, Doug Fox and Matthew Brinningstaull, but it’s true meaning is simple; An end or “death” to the status quo in the Punk and Alternative music scenes. We’ve been working nonstop these last few months building relationships with industry professionals to ensure our first wave of bands has a great chance at success. Being Musicians ourselves and dealing with our share of shady deals, we thought it was time for a new label to step in and work for the bands, not just for the labels benefit. So that’s where Death Punk was born, out of necessity. A necessity for talent to take center stage again, and that’s what 2018 is going to be all about for us and our roster. We don’t believe in New Years Resolutions but we’ll make an exception just this once; We’re going to take a stand and change this scene for the better. Lets make history Together.


With the end of the year I ask you to always keep branching out and supporting your local bands. These are the people that truly deserve your money and your attention. Who knows? You might find the next thing you love when you take the time to listen. I will be watching Death Punk Records closely for all of their upcoming artists.

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