Downtown City Radio

Pop Punk from Lubbock TX

The Made in Texas spotlight is on Downtown City Radio for November. The band is an obvious add to your music collection if you are a pop punk fanatic who is looking for something with a Soul twist. The vocals really remind me of Claudio from the very early days of Coheed and Cambria. That may just be me though.

All of their music is currently available on Spotify and bandcamp. Downtown City Radio plans on hitting the road at the start of January and will play throughout Texas.

Here are the tour dates:
1/2 @ Killer’s Tacos – Denton
1/3 @ KIVA Lounge – San Marcos
1/4 @ Sidewinder – Austin
1/5 @ The Deadhorse – San Angelo
1/6 @ Notsuoh – Houston

Here is Hazy Nights by Downtown City Radio

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