New Bands and Music

Check back here on an almost weekly basis to hear the best new music I can find. I search high an low to find you the best up and coming pop punk, emo, and post-hardcore bands I can find!

pop-punk band Dog Park Dissidents

Dog Park Dissidents are a pop-punk/queercore band from New Orleans, LA and Long Island, NY. Their EP “High Risk Homosexual Behavior” released August of this year. For fans of bands like Against Me or Danger Days-era My Chemical Romance. Band Bio: Dog Park Dissidents are an queer punk rock duo from Long Island and New
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the get up kids Eudora

On this day (11/27), The Get Up Kids released Eudora. Named after the Kansas town Eudora, the album is a collection of rarities, B-sides, and covers by The Get Up Kids. Their label at the time, Vagrant Records released the album to capitalize on the bands growing success while they recorded their next album. Despite
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pop punk band homestate

Homestate is a pop-punk band from Perth, Australia. Their single “Sick Sad World” is out now. It is from their self-titled EP, which will be out November 29. You will love them if you are a fan of pop-punk bands like The Story So Far or State Champs. More from the band: Homestate formed in
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pop-punk band Life in Idle

Life in Idle is a pop-punk band from Dayton, OH. Their album “She’s Out To Get Me”¬† is out now. Here is the bands bio: Life In Idle is a group that started out of genuine friendships and a desire to be able to make music people can connect with. The band’s first album “She’s
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pop-punk band D20

D20 is a multi class pop-punk/post-hardcore band from Albuquerque, NM. Their EP “Time to Relax” is out now and will help you gain the EXP needed to level up. For fans of bands like Sum 41 or Rise Against. D20 is a Pop Punk band hailing from Albuquerque NM. Influenced by traditional styles of Pop
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punk band Danvers

Danvers is a punk band from Pittsburgh, PA. Their LP “How Did It Ever Come to This” released last month. For fans of Daggermouth or Lifetime. Here is some¬†more information from the band. Danvers was formed in basements and garages around Philadelphia in 2013, and shortly thereafter relocated to a storage unit in Pittsburgh, PA.
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