New Bands and Music

Check back here on an almost weekly basis to hear the best new music I can find. I search high an low to find you the best up and coming pop punk, emo, and post-hardcore bands I can find!

Emo band Martyr for Madison

Martyr for Madison is an emo band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. First formed in 2013, Martyr for Madison is a 4 piece emo outfit. The band released their debut album “Connections” in 2016. Originally a post-hardcore band, Martyr for Madison has leaned more into the emo styling of the genre. In March of this year,
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pop-punk band fronside

Frontside is a progressive pop-punk band from Wilson, NC. They have been putting out some new music recently. Their new single “Give It Up” is out now. However, their EP “Closer To Closure” has been delayed. The instrumental technique explored in “Give It Up” is reminiscent of Dance Gavin Dance and The Dangerous Summer, with
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pop punk band Vilano

Vilano is a pop-punk band from St. Augustine, Fl. The band recently released their single “Who We Are”, which serves as a precursor to their new EP. They are working on the album not, and plan to have it out in the near future. You will enjoy Vilano if you like bands like Belmont or
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emo band nights like thieves

Emo band Nights Like Thieves just released their third EP “The Forgotten”. The EP features some vocal features from Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., Scott Sellers of Rufio, Jared Woosley of Fivespeed, and Angel Flores of Painting Promises. Nights Like Thieves combines a mixture of upbeat and slower rhythms with emotional melodies that brings back that
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post-hardcore band We Are Not Our Bodies

We Are Not Our Bodies are a post-hardcore band from Yonkers, NY. Their new EP “Seasons Of Myself” released last month. The music explores themes of loss, exhaustion, and the fortitude to push through. It encourages the listener to ponder their reactions to life’s common obstacles. The group began playing in the underground NY punk
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