New Bands and Music

Check back here on an almost weekly basis to hear the best new music I can find. I search high an low to find you the best up and coming pop punk, emo, and post-hardcore bands I can find!

Emo band Ope, Pardon Me

Ope, Pardon Me is an Emo band from Elkhart IN. They recently released their self titled EP this year and are looking to tour more throughout the mid-west. For fans of emo bands like Hot Mulligan or Mom Jeans. More info on the band: A group of Midwest 20 somethings raised in the golden age
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pop punk band lyon estate

Lyon Estates is a pop-punk bank from Yorkshire UK. They plan on dropping their next EP at the end of October. You can enjoy the rest of their catalogue while you wait. For fans of bands like The Early November or Jimmy Eat World. Lyon Estates – Borderline (Acoustic) Info from the band: Formed by
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Pop-punk band Zombie Schoolboy

Zombie Schoolboy is a pop-punk band from Chicago, IL. The band just released their new single “Hey California!” which was produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low. This is their first music they have released since their sophomore EP “Flashlights in a Dark Place”. You will love Zombie Schoolboy if you are a fan
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post-hardcore band Careful Gaze

Careful Gaze is a post-hardcore band from Minneapolis, MN. The bands full length “You Too Will Rest” was released in May. It’s an album about eliminating the hatred and bigotry in our culture, no matter how large or small scale that is. For fans of bands like Thrice and Glassjaw. Careful Gaze – Highways, Sideways
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pop-punk band Driveways

Driveways is a pop-punk band from Saugus, MA. They recently released a cover of the chart topping hit Old Town Road, but also have a slew of original work. You will like them if you are a fan of bands like A Day To Remember. Driveways – Night Terrors – Lyric Video Lil Nas X
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emo band newhaven

Newhaven is an emo rock band from Dallas, TX. The band has a new single Don’t Waste coming out very soon, but you can listen to their other stuff while you wait. You will like them if you are into bands like Set To Stun or Sycamour. newhaven – Dead Check out the rest of
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