Emo Bands

These are the underground emo bands that you haven’t heard of, but you wish you had. Check back here regularly to listen to new emo music and discover what up-and-coming emo bands you will soon love.There is no need to feel nostalgic for 2000’s emo bands when you have new ones here. Check back often to find the best emo bands around. Also, take a look at the rest of the site for new pop-punk and post-hardcore music.

Emo band Martyr for Madison

Martyr for Madison is an emo band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. First formed in 2013, Martyr for Madison is a 4 piece emo outfit. The band released their debut album “Connections” in 2016. Originally a post-hardcore band, Martyr for Madison has leaned more into the emo styling of the genre. In March of this year,
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emo band nights like thieves

Emo band Nights Like Thieves just released their third EP “The Forgotten”. The EP features some vocal features from Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., Scott Sellers of Rufio, Jared Woosley of Fivespeed, and Angel Flores of Painting Promises. Nights Like Thieves combines a mixture of upbeat and slower rhythms with emotional melodies that brings back that
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emo band Little Blue Thula

Little Blue Thula is an emo band from Hull, England. Their new single “Lemons” just released a few weeks ago. If you love the sound of bands influenced by Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith, then the sound of Little Blue Thula is will be up your alley. For fans of bands like Bright Eyes or
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Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

On this day (3/26) Taking Back Sunday released their debut album Tell All Your Friends. Before recording, Adam Lazzara joined the band and was quickly moved to lead singer of the band. After a few more lineup changes, the band signed with Victory Records and started recording the album in late 2001. During the tour
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Finch - What It Is To Burn

Today on this day (3/12) Finch released What It Is To Burn . The album was recorded in Encinitas, CA with producer Mark Trombino. It is the debut full length album from Finch. To support the album, Finch toured with Something Corporate, New Found Glory, and Further Seems Forever. They also had a co-headling tour
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Dashboard Confessional - The Swiss Army Romance

On this day (March 1) Dashboard Confessional released The Swiss Army Romance. Dashboard Confessional was originally a solo project for Chris Carrabba during his time with Further Seems Forever. Chris had parted ways with Further Seems Forever by the time he released The Swiss Army Romance. The original release was on Fiddler records and was
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