Emo Bands

the air station

When I first started writing this, my original plan was to make this a where are they now for the band Hot Vegas. They are a band that I loved in college and disappeared after the release of their first and only full length album. After a little research I found out a couple things.
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You Never Were

If you are looking for a change of pace then you should check out the band You Never Were. You Never Were is a post emo band from Colorado Springs. Their sound is a mix of pretty punk with heavy alternative influences. I really hear some Veruca Salt in some of the music. The band
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Prior Engagements

If you are looking for a brand new band that can make you say “I knew them when”. Then look no further. It is very rare that you get to watch a band grow from the very start. Prior Engagements is an Emo Rock band from Winchester Virginia that recently formed in June of 2016.
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