New Bands and Music

Made in Texas

I moved to Austin TX to be closer to to a hub where great bands would tour through. Little did I know about the plethora of great bands that are only a stones throw away. Here are some great bands I have recently stumbled across. I mentioned some of them before, but they are worth talking
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Bands Touring in 2017

The good news is that 2016 is almost over. With the new year comes the announcement of some new tours. Here are the highlights of what was announced this week. Dashboard Confessional Dashboard Confessional announced they will be doing a winter tour of smaller venues (smaller than an arena). The word is that they will
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Listen To Assuming We Survive

Are you looking for some new pop punk to tide you through the rest of 2016? Then look no further than Assuming We Survive the Pop Punk band from Los Angeles California. They remind me of older Fall Out Boy, when they were still Pop Punk. Assuming We Survive is currently on tour with Avion
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