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post-hardcore band Worse Things

Worse Things is a Post-hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. Their self titled EP released this past March. The album includes recordings of older material prior to the band having its second guitarist. You will like them if you are a fan of bands like Balance and Composure or Superheaven. Worse Things – Stay Away

punk band Stay The Course

Stay The Course is a punk band from Wichita, KS and Chicago, IL. Their new single “Mirrors” just released a couple weeks ago and their new EP is expected to drop in the next few months. The band started with me, joseph, releasing an EP in 2016. After that, Mike (lead guitar, chicago), colby (rhythm),
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pop-punk band Nude Shoes

Nude Shoes is a pop-punk band from Asbury Park, NJ. The band was founded in 2018 and released their first EP “Suburban Ceremonies the next year. The band recently released their latest single “Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got to Go”. You will love them if you are a fan of bands like Belmont or Trash
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emo band Little Blue Thula

Little Blue Thula is an emo band from Hull, England. Their new single “Lemons” just released a few weeks ago. If you love the sound of bands influenced by Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith, then the sound of Little Blue Thula is will be up your alley. For fans of bands like Bright Eyes or
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Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends

On this day (3/26) Taking Back Sunday released their debut album Tell All Your Friends. Before recording, Adam Lazzara joined the band and was quickly moved to lead singer of the band. After a few more lineup changes, the band signed with Victory Records and started recording the album in late 2001. During the tour
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pop punk band Hyperview

Hyperview is a pop-punk band from Buffalo, NY. Their latest single Neon Wristbands released last month. This was the first song released since their 2019 EP Think Happy Thoughts. Here is some more info directly from the band. We are a bunch of new and old friends playing music that we love. We take inspiration
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