Pop-Punk Bands

the msgs chuck

The MSGS are a three piece pop punk band from Fukuoka, Japan who recently released their first full length album Chuck. It really reminds me of older pop punk that is reminiscent of the Mr. T Experience. Chuck is out now on Imomushi Records. The album is fun and flows with catchy hooks and lyrics
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Silencio No

Silencio No the pop punk band From Paraná, Argentina have recently released their self titled full length album. They are definitely worth a listen if you are looking for a more melodic blend of pop punk. The band is a three piece that was formed in 2005 and consists of the members Juan F. Leal
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5 Year Plan

When you first listen 5 Year Plan you would be hard pressed to believe that they have only been around since November 2016. Their song writing possess a maturity of a band that has been together for years. It is rare to see a band to find their sound so soon. Here is their bio:
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