Pop-Punk Bands

These Five Years

These Five Years is an emotional pop punk band from Cardiff, UK that gives me the feels and just maybe they will make you feel the same. They released their debut EP How It’s Been in January. These Five Years have a fantastic blend of melodic guitar and emotional lyrics that show off the better
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summer wars borrowed time

Summer Wars is Pop Punk band from Raleigh, North Carolina who recently released their new EP Borrowed Time in February. They replace punky riffs with a more melodic sound that is reminiscent of the Blink-182 from the Enema of the State era. Here is some more information directly from the band: Bringing the combined experience
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Familiar Things

Familiar Things are a pop punk band from Philadelphia, PA, who have a melodic sound that harkens back to the pop punk/emo of the early 2000’s. You should check them out if you are looking for something a little softer and heartfelt. Here is some more information directly from the band: The band’s songwriting style
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