Post-hardcore Bands

Look no further for the latest up and coming post-hardcore bands. Here is a post-hardcore blog where you will find some of the best new post-hardcore music that is coming up on the scene. Take a look at the rest of the site for new new pop-punk and emo music.

post-hardcore band We Are Not Our Bodies

We Are Not Our Bodies are a post-hardcore band from Yonkers, NY. Their new EP “Seasons Of Myself” released last month. The music explores themes of loss, exhaustion, and the fortitude to push through. It encourages the listener to ponder their reactions to life’s common obstacles. The group began playing in the underground NY punk
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post-hardcore band Worse Things

Worse Things is a Post-hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. Their self titled EP released this past March. The album includes recordings of older material prior to the band having its second guitarist. You will like them if you are a fan of bands like Balance and Composure or Superheaven. Worse Things – Stay Away

Finch - What It Is To Burn

Today on this day (3/12) Finch released What It Is To Burn . The album was recorded in Encinitas, CA with producer Mark Trombino. It is the debut full length album from Finch. To support the album, Finch toured with Something Corporate, New Found Glory, and Further Seems Forever. They also had a co-headling tour
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Thrice The Illusion of Safety

Today on this day (2/5) Thrice released the album The Illusion of Safety. The second album by post-hardcore band Thrice. A small part of the proceeds from the album were donated to a non-profit youth center “A Place Called Home”. The Illusion of Safety received mostly positive reviews, and is still one of the best
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Luxora - Nessie

The post-hardcore band Luxora just released their new song Nessie. You can find more information on Luxora on my previous feature. Luxora formed in 2015 and began working on their craft. In 2016 the band started playing frequent shows, alongside acts such as Hail the Sun, Good Tiger, and Thank you Scientist. After undergoing a
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