Post-Hardcore Bands

Look no further for the latest up and coming post-hardcore bands. Here you will find some of the best new post-hardcore music that is coming up on the scene.

post-hardcore band Careful Gaze

Careful Gaze is a post-hardcore band from Minneapolis, MN. The bands full length “You Too Will Rest” was released in May. It’s an album about eliminating the hatred and bigotry in our culture, no matter how large or small scale that is. For fans of bands like Thrice and Glassjaw. Careful Gaze – Highways, Sideways
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post hardcore from luxora

Luxora is a post-hardcore band from St. Louis, MO. They recently released their latest single Boundaries, Pt 1: Artemis and will be touring around the end of June. You will love them if you are fans of bands like Coheed and Cambria or Dance Gavin Dance. Band bio: Luxora formed in 2015 and began working
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single wound post-hardcore blog, post-hardcore bands

Single Wound is a melodic hardcore from Toronto, Canada. If you are looking for some hardcore music with punk elements sprinkled in, then look nor further! They released their debut EP The Things I Never Got To Say in December of this past year. Currently they have been actively touring and working on a brand
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