Post-Hardcore Bands

the view from here post-hardcore blog

The View From Here is a post-hardcore band from Bridgewater, NJ. Their sound is a combination of post-hardcore with some melodic pop punk sprinkled in. Their album New Perspective just dropped last month. They are perfect for fans of Dance Gavin Dance and Armor For Sleep. You can stream The View From Here on Spotify
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remember why were here- post-hardcore

Remember Why We’re Here is a post-hardcore band from Solingen, Germany. They released their debut album Colours May Bleed around a year ago and have recently released the video for the track T.D.T.S.T.I.B.O.R.T.U.I. (their desire to shroud themselves in beauty only reveals their ugliness inside). They are a blend of post-hardcore and math metal and
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voyagers, post-hardcore bands

Voyagers are a Emo/Post-hardcore from Tacoma, WA who are perfect for fans of Thrice, Sparta, and At the Drive In. Here is some information from the band: Voyagers is a heavy rock band from Tacoma, WA. Started by two friends and bandmates, Cameron Cowles (Vocals/Guitars) and Jesse Mittleider (Drums) in 2016. The duo invited other
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