Post-hardcore Bands

remember why were here- post-hardcore

Remember Why We’re Here is a post-hardcore band from Solingen, Germany. They released their debut album Colours May Bleed around a year ago and have recently released the video for the track T.D.T.S.T.I.B.O.R.T.U.I. (their desire to shroud themselves in beauty only reveals their ugliness inside). They are a blend of post-hardcore and math metal and
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voyagers, post-hardcore bands

Voyagers are a Emo/Post-hardcore from Tacoma, WA who are perfect for fans of Thrice, Sparta, and At the Drive In. Here is some information from the band: Voyagers is a heavy rock band from Tacoma, WA. Started by two friends and bandmates, Cameron Cowles (Vocals/Guitars) and Jesse Mittleider (Drums) in 2016. The duo invited other
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