Glow – New Year’s Eve

Pacific Ridges records has been working hard on getting some of the best bands to be included on their tribute to Senses Fail. Glow the post-hardcore band from Winston Salem, NC does a cover of one of my favorite Sense Songs and they definitely do it justice.

More on Glow:

The story and a brief history of your band (Please notate that it is ok for me to post it on the site).
In March 2017, Brandon Archer and Ryan Mitchell were introduced by Jesse Gomez. Within two weeks the duo had written what would become “Cherish You” and officially formed Glow. Glow met as a group twice before going to Earlygrayce Studio in Louisville, KY to record their debut EP with producer Jordan Haynes (Artifex Pereo). For the production of the EP, Glow was able to secure a guest appearance of Bradley Walden of Emarosa, in addition to the mastering services of Kris Crummett. All six of the songs on “Cherish You” were written from an emotionally vulnerable place, and revolve around a message of coping and empathy.

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