MILO in the Doldrums

Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band from Northern Virginia. The band was formed in 2015 and they have been active and putting out music since. Their latest album Richard’s Glasses was released April 2017. It is definitely a step forward musically for the band.

MILO and the Doldrums definitely has a punchy sound with a melodic lead. According to the band they:

“Officially became the tightest, sexiest, miracle of life.”

I have not been able to confirm if this is true or not. However they are worth a listen.

Here is a link to their bandcamp page where you can listen to their new album.  The band has a list of their upcoming shows on their Facebook page. You can also check them out on Spotify.

You can listen to the song Honest Abe by MILO in the Doldrums here:

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