Moral Support

If you are looking for something new and a little harder then Moral Support may be for you. They are a new up and coming post-hardcore band formed in 2017 in Philadelphia PA. You should check them out if you are a big fan of Beartooth or Underoath.

Here is Some More Information On Moral Support

We’re Moral Support, a post-hardcore band from Philly, PA. Our debut EP, Nowheresville, fuses turbulent verses, catchy choruses, and unapologetic lyricism into one cohesive package bursting at the seams with energy. We’ve been told we “offer up some of the catchiest choruses of the year”, and that’s awesome, but we wanna hear what YOU have to say about our music.

As of now they are not on tour, but expect some news soon! You can stream Moral Support on Spotify and bandcamp. You can also check out Too Close below.

Moral Support Too Close

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