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Listen To Assuming We Survive

Are you looking for some new pop punk to tide you through the rest of 2016? Then look no further than Assuming We Survive the Pop Punk band from Los Angeles California. They remind me of older Fall Out Boy, when they were still Pop Punk. Assuming We Survive is currently on tour with Avion
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Handguns Angst

Sorry about the lack of posting recently. If it has been one thing I have learn is that when times are tough, you should bury yourself in the things that you love. On that note I have been burying myself in new music and here is what I found. Handguns is pretty badass. The pop punk
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Gold Steps - Louder Than Words

Gold Steps the easy core pop punk band from Austin TX released their new EP Louder Than Words. Hop on over to Spotify right now to follow them and check it out. As of now they are only touring around the central Texas area. I will keep you in the loop if anything changes. Here is
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New Music For October

October 21st was the day to release new music. I have been spending my weekend so far catching up on everything that was released. Here are the bands with new music.     American Football – LP2 Seventeen years in the making and well worth the wait. The Emo/Math Rock band fronted led by Mike
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Your Persona

Your Persona Post Hardcore from New Jersey I was fortunate enough to stumble across the band Your Persona the other day. Your Persona is a Post-Hardcore band from Southern New Jersey. Here is a link to their Bandcamp Page. You can steam their music and name your price to download. They are pretty awesome and worth
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American Football - Give Me the Gun

The classic emo band American Football have posted another song off of their upcoming album titled Give Me the Gun. This will be their first new album in over a decade. I’m am digging what I hear so far. Hopefully it will be worth the sixteen year wait.

blink182california the aging scene kid

California marks the first album for Blink 182 without their founding member Tom Delonge. Tom Delonge recently announced that the reason for his departure from Blink 182 in 2015 was to focus on the growing alien government conspiracy. Tom was replaced with Matt Skiba who is from another aptly named punk trio. Matt served as a touring guitarist until he
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Dashboard Confessional - Heart Beat Here

Dashboard Confessional has officially kicked off the summer Taste of Chaos Tour. A little over midway through the set Chris premiered a new song Heart Beat Here, and it was caught on video. Carrabba has already announced that the band is writing new material for an album with a still unspecified release date. He has already released the
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