Prior Engagements

If you are looking for a brand new band that can make you say “I knew them when”. Then look no further. It is very rare that you get to watch a band grow from the very start. Prior Engagements is an Emo Rock band from Winchester Virginia that recently formed in June of 2016. They sound like The Get Up Kids with some Dead Milkmen sprinkled in.

The band is currently fronted by Joey Lins and is searching for a more permanent lineup for their forthcoming LP. They started recording in December and are about halfway through recording the album. They plan on releasing their first full length album Portraits & Landscapes in Fall of 2017.

Prior Engagements is currently on a small US tour spread out over the next two months. The first leg they will be touring with Caught Up In A Dream from Ithaca New York  the second leg is with Like the River from Martinsburg West Virginia. You can follow the band on Facebook. Their first single It’s Okay​.​.​.​(​I’m Not Ready Either) is available on bandcamp. I will definitely be keeping tabs on them and will keep you updated.

Here is a tour flier if you want to check them out.

Prior Engagements Tour

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