The Air Station

When I first started writing this, my original plan was to make this a where are they now for the band Hot Vegas. They are a band that I loved in college and disappeared after the release of their first and only full length album. After a little research I found out a couple things.

The first information that I came across is you can still stream Hot Vegas on their Myspace page. Sadly that dates how long it has beenĀ  since they released any music. I remember purchasing the CD when Myspace was still relevant. Now their Myspace page is the only way to fully stream their album.

The second bit of information that I found is that the band Hot Vegas changed their name The Air Station and released a full length album titled The Human Condition in 2010. The good news is that you can you can stream the full album on Spotify. Also you can see the band evolve from their Hot Vegas days. The bad news is that it looks like they played their last show in 2015 and have disappeared as well. So it seems that the band has released two different albums under two different names and faded out. Which is a total bummer.

Hot Vegas was an amazing band and their album Migration was an excellent blend of Emo and Power Pop. It came out at the height of the popularity of emo and pop punk. Hot Vegas or The Air Station had and still has a lot of potential. The emo revival is still going strong and not is the perfect time to reform as Hot Vegas or The Air Station. They are definitely worth the listen and the needed attention for a revival.

Here is Someday by The Air Station

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