These Five Years

These Five Years is an emotional pop punk band from Cardiff, UK that gives me the feels and just maybe they will make you feel the same. They released their debut EP How It’s Been in January. These Five Years have a fantastic blend of melodic guitar and emotional lyrics that show off the better softer side of emo and pop punk. You will love them if you are a fan of The Story So Far, Seaway, or Boston Manor.

Here is a short bio on the band:

Formed in late 2016, with members hailing from a variety of bands across England and Wales, These Five Years are a pop punk band based in Cardiff, South Wales. Mixing up Drive-Thru era fast tempos with gritty, emotive vocals, they have been writing songs that aim to be both optimistic and reflective about both the little things and the big, in a constantly changing, inconsistent youth.

You can steam the new EP How It’s Been by These Five Years on Spotify, and you can also listen to the single Leaving Everything below.

These Five Years – Leaving Everything

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