The Vans Warped Tour Returns To The Past With The 2017 Lineup

The vans Warped Tour has officially announced their 2017 lineup, and for most people it is a blast from the past. The lineup includes class punk bands The Ataris, Anti-Flag, and Gwar. The pop punk/ska band Save Ferris and Goldfinger will also be making an appearance. Acts like The Ataris ca attribute a lot their success to touring on the Vans Warped tour.

The Vans Warped tour has been through a transition over the past couple of years. The tour has been returning to it’s punk roots. This is a breath of fresh considering over the past decade the tour morphed away from punk to more of a main stream rock and pop showcase. Katy Perry even had a stint on the tour.

Newer pop punk bands like Neck Deep will still be on tour with the more classic line up. Honoring the past and looking forward to the next wave of the pop punk scene. This makes me curious on what the crowd will look like. The Vans Warped tours tends to leans to a younger audience and a large number of these bands fans are climbing in age past their thirties.

The few bands mentions are a small drop in the bucket of the massive list playing.

vans warped tour 2017 lineup

The tour is now in it’s 23rd year and kicks off June 12 in Seattle WA and ends August 6 in Pomona CA . Cheaper early bird tickets are on sale now. Here are the tour dates:

Vans Warped Tour Dates 2017


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