Voyagers are a Emo/Post-hardcore from Tacoma, WA who are perfect for fans of Thrice, Sparta, and At the Drive In.

Here is some information from the band:

Voyagers is a heavy rock band from Tacoma, WA. Started by two friends and bandmates, Cameron Cowles (Vocals/Guitars) and Jesse Mittleider (Drums) in 2016. The duo invited other longtime friend and collaborator Jon Naidu (Guitars) as well as Jacob Cunningham (Bass) and Michael Carr (Guitars). 
 The band has released 3 singles so far, Warning Sign, Cave In and No Consequence. These songs are the result of their first sessions as a new band, serving as a bridge from their previous groups to Voyagers, capturing the spirit of the music they grew up on and previous bands (City In the Sea, Roms and Resumes) while beginning to lean into a new sound.

You can stream Voyagers on Spotify or bandcamp, or listen below.

Voyagers – No Consequence

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