Wilmette is an emotional pop punk bank from Sleepy Hollow, Illinois that formed in a basement in the summer of 2018. You will love them if you a fan of bands like Knuckle Puck, Counterparts, or Belmont. You can stream their EP Space to Breathe on Spotify.

Here is some more info on the band:

Wilmette is a 4-piece from the Chicago suburbs that combines pop-punk and hardcore with their own fresh and original style that sets them apart in the current scene. They aim to bring back the 2010-esque angstiness and raw energy that made pop-punk what it is today. Wilmette has an energetic, in-your-face style that’s heavy but melodic and not constrained by any narrow genre formula. Drawing on the band members’ wide-ranging musical tastes that run from pop to death metal, they incorporate everything they love into a unique and personal style that relies on pop hooks, honest lyrics, strong musicianship, and killer clean and dirty vocals.

Wilmette – Ottoman

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