Adjust The Sails

Adjust The Sails the Sails is a one man emo band from Maryland. His new EP “The Worst of Adjust the Sails” released in June. The EP is the culmination of songs both new and old, including three reimagined songs from his basement demo days.

Shane Hurst, singer and guitarist, hopes the album helps represent growth, not just in the presentation and production of the music, but in the meaning behind the songs themselves. You can stream the new EP below.

The name “Adjust The Sails” is a metaphor for changing your situation, and that’s exactly what he tries to help his fans see in his songs.

emo band adjust the sails

“Just a sad dude, making rad tunes from a small town in Maryland.”

You will love them if you like bands similar to Mom Jeans or The Front Bottoms

I’m Not Okay, But It’s Okay (Full EP Stream)