Be Good Elliot

Kentucky pop-punkers, Be Good Elliot, are an eclectic, energetic blend of various emo and alternative rock influences, from the heartland of America.

Maintaining the tempo, the group zips in-and-out of catchy choruses with guitar driven rhythms, sizzling synths and a cast of strong supporting harmonies that feel fun and reflective, with the occasional throw to the ropes of the genre.

pop punk band be good elliot

Music That Connects

Be Good Elliot grapples their way through the complications of common life with an honest, warm DIY spirit that feels genuine, and it comes across in their live performances and audience connection, as well as audio and video productions.

The freshman EP “Til The Heat Dies Down” is now available. You can listen to their new EP below.

For fans of New Found Glory or Motion City Soundtrack.