Chiliocosm is a punk rock band from Calgary, Canada. The band began in 2010 while they were young kids, during the time their moms would have Filipino soap opera marathons at each other’s houses. They started jamming out of pure boredom. The guys just kept jamming and playing covers for a while, and eventually wrote a song, and another, and another with no real direction or end goal.
punk rock band chiliocosm
Chiliocosm started playing open mics in 2016. From there they entered a battle of the bands and won first place, which got them an opening spot for Simple Plan and Pop Evil at a festival.

They just released their new EP “Unlock”. “Unlock” is a featured track on the upcoming Telus documentary “Small Town Strength” which the band wrote the soundtrack for.

For fans of Sum 41 or Silverstein.