Darro is an emo artist from Brooklyn, NY. An ethereal emblem of emo rock, Brooklyn’s Darro puts a modern spin on 2000s alternative trends. The Asian-American artist incorporates anthemic, pop-punk dynamics and passion-fueled lyrical thematics to create a distinctive style that’s grounded in the human experience.

At 24, he’d developed a brain tumor that necessitated surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Just months after his emergence into the music scene, he had to relearn not just how to sing, but to speak in general.

emo artist Darro

Miraculously, the musician began writing again in 2018. The album Songs of Recovery dropped in November 2020. The record chronicled the challenges faced considering his affliction.

Darro’s most recent release, “Runs on Guilt”, focuses on turmoil of failed relationships. You can listen to it below.

For fans of Point North or Dance Gavin Dance.