Dog Park Dissidents

Dog Park Dissidents are a pop-punk/queercore band from New Orleans, LA and Long Island, NY. Their EP “High Risk Homosexual Behavior” released August of this year.

For fans of bands like Against Me or Danger Days-era My Chemical Romance.

Band Bio:

Dog Park Dissidents are an queer punk rock duo from Long Island and New Orleans, blending old-school anarchist punk energy with contemporary pop punk and flamboyant low camp. Founded in 2016, they hit quick viral success with their debut single “Queer as in Fuck You,” and have since produced two genre-blending EPs and a live act that mixes mosh pits with burlesque stripping. They’re a band for every kid who grew up wishing that Pete Wentz’s lyrics were gayer than they actually are, lost their shit when Brendon Urie came out as pansexual, and are now feeling emo about gentrification and climate change instead of relationships.

Refugees – Dog Park Dissidents

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