The Chicago area pop-punk band Farhampton aim to inspire through hard-hitting hooks and intentional instrumentation. Three of the members of Farhampton met in their high school music club in 2010 and started playing covers together. Over the years, even after going off to separate colleges, they kept in contact and played together when they could. Eventually, they started writing original music. After a few lineup changes, they recorded and released two singles in 2016 and their first EP “You’ll Never Take My Side” in 2017.

pop-punk band farhampton

Though the pandemic delayed the bands initial plans for more music, their first single of 2021, “Resilient”, started the year off with a positive anthem to help wash away the unpleasant taste of 2020. With their second single “Something’s Missing”, they capture the feelings of absence and anxiety that have plagued them and others at one point or another through the past year.

New Album is Out Now

Now, the band’s second studio EP “The Lives We Leave Behind” is sure to brighten up the summer with its fast-paced storytelling and solid hooks. Songs like “Portland” and “(Don’t) Count Me Out” are to put a smile on your face while also reminding us it’s important to grow as people. The title track of the EP has proven to be the most ambitious song because of its slower pace and use of new musical elements that have never been used by Farhampton before. You can listen to “The Lives We Leave Behind” below.

For fans of All Time Low or Knuckle Puck.