Gold Fighter

The pop-punk band Gold Fighter began as two friends who met in a college piano class and decided to jam and play covers. They pull inspiration from situations they are both dealing with together or independent from each other. Throughout the first couple of years of their friendship, the pop-punk duo would occasionally play covers before they attempted to write their first song “Best of This” together in early 2016.

pop-punk band gold fighter


New Album and Beyond

Originally the band was going to record it as a single to release that same year but ended up writing five extra songs for their debut EP “Comfort Zone”. The band released their first single “Just Getting Started” in early 2020 and dropped the rest of the EP shortly after. Gold Fighter had planned to start playing shows that same year but unfortunately was prevented by the pandemic. Currently, both members are writing material for a second EP.

For fans of blink-182 or New Found Glory.