Halfway Atlantic – Drop Dead

The Austin Texas pop-punk quintet Halfway Atlantic just released their EP “Drop Dead”. Premiering almost twelve months to the day from their last packed gig before lockdown, the title track forms the capstone of the most emo year on record. It also serves as the title track for an aptly-named EP in a time of global pandemic, civil unrest, and collapsing infrastructure.

The song “Drop Dead” turns its back on geopolitics and looks inward, wrestling with intimate conflicts, the struggle to make rational decisions in the face of overwhelming feelings, and how hard it can be to face the consequences of those decisions.

pop-punk band halfway atlantic

“We think it is best to trust our feelings since this is more imminent and ‘real,’”

“So ‘what goes on in my head?’ A clash between rational thinking and assessment versus what is experienced and felt as ‘the real.’ But feelings, as we all know, can be misleading. They can be confounded.”

-Lead Singer Matt Warmuth

“Drop Dead” was written by Matt Warmuth, produced by Halfway Atlantic, mixed and mastered by Christoph Hessler.