Halfway Atlantic – Phantom Pain

Halfway Atlantic, a pop-punk band from Austin, TX just released their new single “Phantom Pain”. Founded by German singer/songwriter Matt Warmuth. Their music is real, emotional, and honest. Lyrically, their songs are a love letter to adolescence through the lens of adulthood—navigating the same challenges, but with higher stakes.

“I wanted to write something that was honest to my own experiences, while at the same time relatable,” lead singer Matt Warmuth said. “You can be overwhelmed by a wave of conflicting emotions when a relationship ends — and that love doesn’t immediately disappear. It’s painful and disorienting; your mind and your body are connected and those anxieties can tear you apart, physically.”

The band’s new EP, “Drop Dead”, will be released in late 2020. Halfway Atlantic is scheduled to hit the road for three upcoming Texas dates in support of The Ataris, once shows return.

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