You Should Be Listening to Handguns

Sorry about the lack of posting recently. If it has been one thing I have learn is that when times are tough, you should bury yourself in the things that you love. On that note I have been burying myself in new music and here is what I found.

Handguns is pretty badass. The pop punk band Handguns from Harrisburg, PA have been on constant replay for the past week for me. They are riffy pop punk with emotionally punching lyrics. Listening to them makes me feel the way I did when I first heard Saves the Day – Through Being Cool.

Each Handguns album is worth listen to. The have an amazing live energy and put on an amazing show. Unfortunately they are not currently on tour.

As always I love hearing new bands/music. Please email with your band and I would love to listen and talk about you. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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