Happy Heartbreak

Happy Heartbreak is an emo-pop band from Seattle, WA. They released their last EP Flight Risk in 2018 and have released their first follow up single NMS (Hanoi) this past month. They are best known for their high energy shows, so you should see them if you are in the Seattle area.

You will love them if you are fans of bands like Modern Baseball and Motion City Soundtrack.

Happy Heartbreak – NMS (Hanoi)

You can stream Happy Heartbreak on Soundcloud.

Happy Heartbreak is a Seattle-based alt-rock, emo-pop quintet known for their “happy sounding sad songs.” Started in San Diego 2015 by singer-songwriter Craig Suede, the band formed a new Seattle line-up in 2016 and did a DIY West Coast Tour for #FebruaryFeels in 2017. With bouncy rock guitars and passionate storytelling, their music is known for the reflective honesty carried by Craig’s voice combined with the floating cello and driving rhythm section. Happy Heartbreak has performed on festival stages like Northwest Folklife Fest in Seattle and Quest Festival in Vietnam; Flight Risk EP was debuted on KEXP’s Audioasis in October 2018.

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