I Survived

I Survived is a post-hardcore band from San Antonio, TX. They are up and coming, and you may have seen them open up for bands like Eyes Set To Kill and New Years Day. Their new single Hollow was released around a month ago, meanwhile more music is expected to come.

You can listen to Hollow by I Survived below. You will love them if you are a fan of bands like I See Stars, Blessthefall, and Planes Mistaken For Stars.


Here is a short history of the band:

The up and coming four piece from San Antonio, Texas. Known as I Survived, their lyrics convey a relatable dry cynicism of the world. Punctuating these moments are intense emotional melodic sections, taking the time to unpack the context and bring light to the otherwise terse and clear-cut point in their music. Their vocalist [Danny Fairchild]’s incredible range is only further elevated by the aggressively heavy riffs written by guitarist and producer [Brandon Layne. (Arktic Studios)]. Having a deep context of emotional context, the quartet commands both their vast musical abilities with their appreciation of what it means to live in the now. Their love of mixed media brings the listener to not only hear, but envision the message that they intended. Backed up on rhythm section members, [Kristof Kaupert] on drums and [Ryan Cagle] on bass.

You can listen to new music from I Survived on Spotify.

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