Left Coast Envy

Left Coast Envy are a pop-punk band from Scranton, PA, who are back from a long hiatus. The band has recently dropped their new song Destruction With My Capital D and have plans to release a few more tacks soon. You can listen to new songs as they drop on Spotify. For fans of bands like Four Year Strong and New Found Glory.

Left Coast Envy- Destruction With My Capital D

Band bio:

Drawing influence from New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, The Starting Line, and many more, Left Coast Envy plays their own unique mixture of pop-punk and hardcore music with heartfelt and emotional lyrics.

In 2013, the band decided to call it quits and head their separate ways after playing several successful shows throughout Pennsylvania and New York. After exploring other musical outlets, moving all around the eastern seaboard, and growing their families, the band decided to reignite the flame of LCE in early 2019 in order to officially release tracks that were previously unreleased. Be sure to keep a lookout for more LCE news as the year rolls on.

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