Made in Texas

I moved to Austin TX to be closer to to a hub where great bands would tour through. Little did I know about the plethora of great bands that are only a stones throw away. Here are some great bands I have recently stumbled across. I mentioned some of them before, but they are worth talking about over and over.

Later Days

A Rock/Post-Hardcore/Emo from my adopted hometown of Austin TX. Their first full length album Lost in the Sound should be releasing soon. Here is a link to their music.

Avion Roe

An Emocore band from Dallas Texas. They are probably the biggest name on the list. They have been constantly touring and you may recognize them from The Vans Warped Tour. Here is a link to their music.

Gold Steps

Gold Steps is an easy core pop punk band from Austin TX. They have recently released a new EP Louder Than Words. Here is a link to their new EP.


Melodic Indie Rock band from Dallas TX. Apparently they enjoy chilling your bones while rocking them at the same time. Here is a link to their latest album.

Idle Kind

Emo/Alt Rock band from Denton Texas. They have been turning out a lot of music during the short time they have been around. Here is a link to their music.



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