Marquee Grand

Marquee Grand is a pop-punk band from Buffalo, NY. Buffalo based vocalist/guitarist John Richter & drummer Matt Lawniczak have been playing together since they were ten years old. They started taking their music more seriously in November of 2015 when Marquee Grand first started playing together as they aligned with guitarist/vocalist Josh Owczarzak. The three spent the next four years finding themselves as musicians & songwriters. The trio then released a music video for “Just Like You” mid-2019.

The band just released a new EP last week, entitled ‘We’ll Be Fine’. The lead single “Drop Dead” has come with many uncertain times, but this year Marquee Grand will begin again with new hope and excitement.

You will love them if you are a fan of bands like All Time Low or Jimmy Eat World.

pop-punk band Marquee Grand

Drop Dead

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