Regionals is an emo band hailing from Sydney, Australia. The band formed in 2016 over a love of mid-90’s emo, punk, and grunge. From there, they spent eighteen months writing. Their new EP “Teenage Seance” came out this past May. It is a darker and heavier record that brings in more experimentation and instrumentation into their normal sound.

emo band Regionals
Having continued to develop their sound, which included buying more guitar pedals than any person would actually ever need, they hit The Brain Studios in June/July 2018 to record their debut EP, ‘Sentimental Health’ with Clayton Segelov (Corpus, Endless Heights, Sleepmakeswaves). On the back of this release, Regionals have been playing shows around NSW including supporting artists such as Pianos Become the Teeth (USA), Red City Radio (USA), Jacob, Strangers, Fear Like Us and Have/Hold.

Having spent a large part of 2019 writing their most ambitious set of songs as yet, Regionals once again bunkered down in the Brain Studios to track the new record over the last few months of the year.

For fans of Minus The Bear of Pianos Become The Teeth.

Regionals – Steady Hands