Revisiting “You’re Gonna Miss It All”

In the history of the scene there have been waves. Some of the more notable waves have been the emo/ pop punk wave of the early to mid 2000’s, the post hardcore and metalcore waves of the late 2000’s and the early 2010’s. In the midst of these waves, there was a wave of superb emo coming out between 2012-2016 giving us phenomenal work from bands like: The Front Bottoms, Sorority Noise, Pinegrove, Marietta, Modern Baseball, The Hotelier and many many others. During this time period, one of the heaviest hitters is arguably Modern Baseball. A fresh spin on the genre of pop punk the band was a DIY dream, a great story and a relatable group with a little something for everyone. The band has been on hiatus for years and while the merits of Slaughter Beach, Dog are impressive and that group is poised for great things in their own right. It is with bitterness and excitement that I revisit “You’re Gonna Miss It All”.

Released on February 11th, 2014, “you’re gonna miss it all” represented the groups 2nd full length and their first project with a full band. Originally founded by Jake Ewald and Brendan Lukens, the duo expanded to a quartet with the additions of Sean Huber and Ian Farmer on drums and bass, respectively. The resulting combination of sounds, personalities, and influences created arguably the best album of the wave. This album led to their eventual blowup and the hiatus that seemed to cut it short.

“Your Graduation” is easily the most recognizable song of the artist’s career. “Bullshit you fuckin miss, there I said it I guess ill talk to you in a few months” flooded Tumblr and Instagram captions everywhere. I have a painting somewhere in my house with the exact quote on it. It’s relatable to all ages, impressive for a band so young to put out such a universal lyric. Six years, six effin years since this song has been released, and “Your Graduation” still slaps. There are countless booze filled late nights where this song has been yelled drunkenly in a living room, the source of a handful of noise complaints.

You're Gonna Miss It All

Why has it stood so poignantly for so long? Well, a new heart breaks every day and Modern Baseball are there to help you sort out the various feelings that come with that. Whether it’s rage, disappointment, regret, or just generally not having a good day. Modern Baseball has you covered. Let’s be clear, “you’re gonna miss it all” is chocked full of heartbreak songs, they’ve basically mastered the breakup song. “I hate worrying about the future, because all of my current problems are based around the past”.

The monument of a lyric opens “Fine, Great” and with it the album. The song rings true about not leaving the past behind and worrying too much about other people while letting yourself slip away. The song carries the standard of honesty the band is notorious for. They don’t need to drop coded messages about their problems, Lukens especially channels his frustrations with love, friendship, depression and even himself vividly and simply. Anyone can understand the songs and as a result can identify with the stories being told.

Possibly one of my favorite songs on the entire album after all of these years has turned out to be “Two Good Things”, the second to last song on the album and the follow up to “Your Graduation”. Following up any song with the power of “Your Graduation” is a tall order, it really should be an album closer however “Two Good Things” carries the weight and throws some punches of its own. Lyrically a short song, leaving the last 30+ seconds of the song to a beautiful showcase of the instruments the group wields. The song confronts the nature of running away, of not being able to handle seemingly normal and mundane things. “Called A through F already but no one knows why; 1 girl, 1 band, 2 paychecks are more than I can handle. Mathematically that can’t be more than one end of a candle; bottom of the 9th can’t find my socks”. This banal, and at the end humorous lyric showcases the band’s ability to bare their souls for the world and mix in a smile.

Other Notable songs on the album include “Broken Cash Machine” an ode to situational regret and the thought process that comes along with it. And the absolute banger “Rock Bottom” it seems like every band has a song called Rock Bottom and all of them slap for no reason at all. It’s almost like some form of pop punk blessing. Overall, “you’re gonna miss it all” is a meaty half hour of music. Yeah, you read that right its official runtime is under 30 minutes clocking in at 28 minutes and some change. So literally you will miss it all if you don’t pay attention, if this pun is intentional is unclear.

It’s safe to assume that I’m simply overthinking the title and that I have spent entirely too much time with this album. Either way, do yourself a solid favor and give this one a full listen. For a six year old emo/pop punk album, it really throws its weight around. And while it throws that weight around, it’s actually one hell of ride too. And if all else fails at least go and listen to “Your Graduation” and “Two Good Things” it will take all of maybe 6 minutes out of your day. Modern Baseball have been sorely missed since their hiatus and maybe one day we will get to see them together again. Until then, see you space cowboy.

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