Rooney Washed Away Review

Rooney is back after a six year stretch and missing all but one member. Robert Schwartzman makes his semi-triumphant re-debut with the album Washed Away. An accurate choice of a title due to the fact that all of the band seems to have washed away except for Robert himself. Robert has spent his time between Rooney albums releasing two solo albums, which begs the question on why he decided to release this album under the Rooney name.

The album opens with the track “All the Beautiful People”. This 90’s pop rendition will make you double check if it is indeed Rooney that you are listening to. This track is followed up by the albums first single “My Heart Beats 4 U”. This and “Come On Baby” both possess the catchy hooks that made you love Rooney in the first place. One may even think that these tracks were written by Robert so he can play them live so the audience can rhythmically clap along.

“Why” featuring Soko maintains the momentum of the revival that has been six years too long. However, sandwiched between “Why”  “Come On Baby” and “Do You Have to Go?” contain the albums lower points. These three tracks alter the album’s momentum with overtly repetitious melody and cliche lyrics. Even by Rooney’s standards.

Rooney fans can breathe a sigh of relief after this long awaited album that has already spawned its first tour. The album can be purchased on the band’s site for $8. Is it worth the eight dollar price knowing that five percent goes to charity? Sure. The good outweighs the bad enough to not let a couple tracks ruin an otherwise great album.

Conclusion: B+

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