Sponsored Post

Are you looking to promote a new single, tour, or website? I am happy to announce that I am accepting sponsors to be featured on the site. This includes a post featuring your band and whatever you are looking to promote.

Why Buy a Sponsored Post?

Unfortunately, there is not space for me to get to every band that is submitted. Sometimes you don’t want to wait or all you have is a new single that you would like to promote. This will give you the benefit on getting your song out there. Your post will benefit from my audience and get more eyes on your music.

Benefits of a Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are great for bands, PR Companies, and websites that are looking to promote specific material that is outside of the scope of what my site features on a weekly basis. Your post will benefit from an audience that already is looking for new music.

If you are interested, then please fill out the form and I will get back to you about pricing and what info is needed.

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