The New Pacific

The New Pacific is a pop-punk band born in Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of Alec Strickland (Guitar/Vocals), Brett Carpenter (Guitar), Dustin Martin (Bass) and Brian Perry (Drums). The pop-punk quartet entered the studio and their first single ‘Anchor’ was released. It soars with hopeful anthemic energy, the song has been connecting with listeners from all over the world.

pop punk band the new pacific

Currently, the guys are back in the studio on the next chapter of an ambitious year. They recently released their new single “End of the World”.

The song is a sing-along anthem to the apocalypse. The track is an ode to a party at the end of the world. While the building is burning, we’re dancing the whole way down. With everything 2020 brought us, this is the optimistic chorus to grab on and let go. Get off the wall and come dance with us. It’s a big hopeful anthem rock track.

For fans of bands like All Time Low.

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