Tired Radio – Five Day Bender

The Brooklyn punk band Tired Radio just released their new single “Five Day Bender”. Tired Radio is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician and self-confessed professional crybaby Anthony Truzzolino. “Five Day Bender”, the third single from the band’s LP debut Patterns.

punk band tired radio

“In December 2016, I hopped in my best friend’s 1992 Saturn shitbox and over the course of three weeks we drove from New York to Denver, stopping in different cities along the way to hang with buds scattered across the country. The entire trip was a wild ride — the final stretch in particular from St. Louis to Denver was an absolute mess in the most beautiful, fun, and profound way possible. A five-day bender I will never forget but can hardly remember. For the video, I wanted to try to capture that carefree feeling of being on the open road with your friends. Where the stresses of home are left in the rear view and being present in the moment is all that really matters. Ya know… that Saves The Day “Shoulder To The Wheel”-type shit. It was no easy task to be safe and take all precautions during covid but I think we pulled it off well with our little bubble. At the end of the day, it’s the ’69 Buick Skylark that’s the true star of the show.”


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