Townies are a punk band from New Hampshire. They began at a summer camp in 2016, when three counselors had the idea to bring the spirit of live music to the kids. They started playing classic pop punk, honing their craft in the attic of an abandoned boathouse in Croydon, NH.

After a few years of performing within the confines of the summer camp, Townies hit the ground running in the Boston underground scene, playing shows throughout the city and releasing original music for the first time. They introduced their slacker-stoner brand of punk, known as broc rock, to the world. Last winter they released their debut EP, “Such & Spit” through be nice records.

punk band townies

For fans of bands like Title Fight or The Menzingers

“Duck Game” (Official Studio Video @ The Mixing House)

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Emo | Pop-Punk | Post-hardcore