Wine & Warpaint

Wine & Warpaint is a 2000s-inspired emo band from Richmond, VA. The band’s debut “Homeless” and its follow-up EP “Half to Life ” channel an alt bite with a nod to pop rock. Brandon O’Neill, the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter behind the moniker, is joined live by Taylor Bess, Colleen Christman, Hunter Glotz, and Hannah Haupt to create a diverse and energetic live show.

Before COVID, the band played all over Richmond and toured the southeast, and since then has released pop and rock cover videos while producing their sophomore release EP, “Half to Life .” The single that shares the same name,“Half to Life” is now available. The “Half to Life EP” releases on Friday, April 2, and you can listen to the new single below.

For fans of bands like Mayday Parade or Anberlin.

emo band Wine & Warpaint

Half to Life

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