Winona Avenue Self-Titled Album

Emo band Winona Avenue has released their debut self-titled album. The album combines the styles of alternative rock and synth pop, drawing inspiration from 1980s power pop, 2000s pop punk, and 2010s pop rock. The album’s sound is characterized by electric guitars and synthesizers, with the lyrics revolving around themes of positivity, reflection, and encouragement.

emo band Winona Avenue
The album consists of eight previously released singles, including “December Night,” “Masterpiece,” and “Future Me,” as well as four additional tracks. The self-titled album is available to stream and download across all major digital music services and you can listen to it below.

“I choose to write music that can encourage the listener.”

Daniel Deputy, lead vocalist for the band.

“If I didn’t write lyrics that could make a positive difference in the listener’s life, then I’d feel as if I was doing a disservice to the listener. I believe in building others up instead of tearing others down, and music is a tool that can serve this purpose.”