Wither Away

Wither Away is a post-hardcore band from Reading, PA that formed in 2015. The project started off as a studio-only band to which they worked with Ricky Armellino from INK and Hawk on producing a few singles. After some feedback from their listeners, they recorded their debut EP, “The Words We Live By, the Actions We Don’t Take”. After that the band decided to do some soul searching and for the next 4 years, wrote a full-length album. With some difficulties and through Covid-19, they were able to complete and release their album, “I Won’t Find Hope in You”.

post-hardcore band wither away

The band currently is an independent band trying their best to release a flavor of post-hardcore. The music ranges from sad to nostalgic. Their listeners find solace in the bond between the lyrics and music.

For fans of bands like Saosin or The Used.